International Real Estate

Automatic International Real Estate listing service on multiple real estate websites.

Properties for sale on 1122 international portals

MGCA.ORG is a Franchise of the International Real Estate Alliance property advertising network.

Google has given to MGCA.ORG the High reputation PageRank 6.

Only MGCA.ORG reaches millions of international buyers every month, but MGCA.ORG plus all the International Real Estate Alliance websites can reach more than one million potential buyers every day.

When you list a real estate on the IREA-AII Network, your listing is automatically advertised on 1122 international real estate portals world wide within seconds.

Once your international real estate listing is advertised, you will be able to make changes to your ad as many times you like.

The contact with potential buyers is direct, as your contact details are displayed on the ad.

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International Real Estate